Bunker Holding


Bunker Holding must always be a great place to work and forge a career. As part of our business strategy that statement is in sharp focus. 


Bunker Holding is a group of several small and medium-sized companies in which you have every chance of quickly becoming involved in challenging projects for which you will share responsibility – and every possibility for making your individual mark on the company. We will give you the freedom, room to manoeuvre and opportunities for development that you would seldom be given in a larger and more hierarchical company.

With Bunker Holding you will have the possibility of changing your job from one region of the world to another – and even to another company under the USTC umbrella operating in a completely different sector or a different country entirely. In fact, at Bunker Holding your career can take you around the world.


You will be working alongside some of the most professional people in the business. Benchmarking our staff against that of our competitors has shown us that we employ - and retain - and develop the best in our sector.


The personal qualities and professional skills of our staff, combined with the unique corporate spirit in Bunker Holding, gives us the edge in the daily scuffle with the competition.