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Are you dedicated to improving and perfecting business processes and optimizing software delivery? Do you value teamwork and are you good at problem-solving? Bunker Holding Group IT is looking for a DevOps developer for our software development team in Aarhus.

Together with our development teams you will be responsible for developing and maintaining in-house product suites aiming at helping and supporting our group operate in the commodity trading market. You will be part of the day-to-day work, where we develop new features and support the business’ daily work processes. One of our focus areas is to ensure we have a clean build, deploy and monitoring setup to ensure a smooth development and delivery process. We see you as being a key player in ensuring the process and infrastructure to facilitate this.

About the team
We work in a service-oriented landscape, trying to maintain a sane level between service boundaries and size. We do not have a support team, which means that we strive to have efficient release processes and easily accessible metrics for our services. We have a high focus on the ability to be able to deliver often as we believe this is a major aspect to delivering high quality software. The developers are split into several smaller teams with each of their products for which they maintain and support.

The system
The systems we are building handle everything from capturing trades, handling live price flows to sending invoices and everything in between. It consists of several services, each having a different responsibility and view on data. Currently we are in the process of moving on-prem services into cloud hosted environments.

About you
We are looking for someone who:

  • Has a strong technical background, with at least 2-3 years of experience.
  • Has a desire to help bring value to the business via software solutions
  • Has an opinion on DevOps, what it means and how to utilize it through processes and tools.
  • Has an urge to make robust solutions and an ability to see the fine line between pragmatic solutions and creating high quality software.
  • Has a firm opinion and an ability to argue for your points and is not afraid to speak up.
  • Values being part of a product team and contribute to team success. 
  • Is curious by nature and seeks information regarding new technologies and ways of solving problems.
  • Values quality highly; whether it is with regard to infrastructure or code

Experience with the following is a bonus:

  • Working with containers
  • Commodity trading software
  • Experience writing object oriented code

Join Bunker Holding – world leaders in bunker trading
Besides being a global leader in purchasing, selling and supplying marine fuel and lube oil, we also provide risk management where Bunker Holding subsidiary Global Risk Management is a leading provider of customized hedging solutions for the management of price risk. Combining in-depth knowledge of the commodity market, finance and transport, we help clients protect their margins from the risk posed by notoriously volatile fuel prices. Our corporate culture is open-minded and unprejudiced. We help and encourage each employee to make the best possible use of his or her skills. We strive to be an engaging workplace where every staff member feels included, appreciated and valued. We know that our success as a company depends on your success as an employee.

Read about Bunker Holding www.bunker-holding.com and  Global Risk Management www.global-riskmanagement.com.

How to apply
Note that applications are handled on an ongoing basis. So please send your application and CV as soon as possible by filling in the form below.
In case you have any questions about the position, please contact Head of Software Development at Global Risk Management, Jesper Møjbæk +45 21 67 07 52.
We’re already looking forward to hearing from you!




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