"Bunker Holding has supported my need to be challenged and involved – which is key for me in finding joy in my work. "
Thomas Lybæk
Deputy Treasurer, Group Treasury

I began at Bunker Holding after completing my master’s degree at business school and was immediately given trust and responsibility. Right from the beginning I was aware that Bunker Holding has a flat organisation, and the Management is available to people at all levels of the organisation.

There is a strong family feel, and even now after 10 years at the company, I still experience the same culture, where the Management is readily accessible, and the company has maintained a family feel, even though it has grown immensely since I took up my position.

I have worked in Group Treasury for all of my 10 years at Bunker Holding, and the company has always been willing to meet my requirements for development and my job has evolved tremendously. I am somewhat impatient by nature and thrive when I am challenged by new tasks, so it has meant everything that Bunker Holding has been willing to invest in me as an employee.

During the past decade, I have taken on several roles within the Treasury department, from initially focusing on hedging our risk exposures to now focusing on Bunker Holding’s funding and credit facilities, trade finance and projects such as evaluating potential new entities/businesses and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Treasury team. Bunker Holding has supported my need to be challenged and involved – as well as my ambition to develop my personal and professional skills, which is key for me in finding joy in my work.

The fact that Bunker Holding is a large global firm has also given me the opportunity to build a strong global network with my colleagues around the world. It also means I have had the opportunity to travel and see a lot of the world, which is something that I really appreciate.

Another thing I particularly enjoy about the company is the close and direct contact with the organisation, where I and the team in Treasury play a key role in acting as a link between the financial and commercial sides of the business. This goes from the daily optimisation of bank set-ups to the handling and advising role with regard to mitigating their risks and direct dialogue on projects, contracts or deals where financial tools are key in ensuring that we do not run any undesired risks. The interaction with the commercial side means we need to be able to quickly get to grips with the various aspects of the cases we work with, which for me is an exciting challenge.

Working in Bunker Holding

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