"There is empowerment and trust in what I do, and, as an individual and experienced contributor, I really value this."
Linda Goh
Senior Credit Manager, Group Credit

Actually, I was not entirely sure what to expect when I first joined Bunker Holding.

After having worked for an oil and gas multinational with standard operating procedures as a way of life, I did not know what working for a private and family-owned business would involve or whether it would be a suitable environment for me. It turned out to be a pleasant surprise, indeed. I soon found out that Bunker Holding has a very flat structure which allows easy access to the senior management for the employees; and, to me, this implied that everyone in the organization is an integral part of the whole team. There is empowerment and trust from my management in what I do, and, as an individual and experienced contributor, I really value this.

Another thing, which I fell for immediately, was the considerable confidence in me as an employee. My ideas are not stifled, I am rather challenged to seek solutions beyond the complexity we have in our business – such as the design of a new reporting tool, credit system and new work processes. It was not until Bunker Holding entrusted me with various interesting projects that I realised that, as a matter of fact, I am quite creative in finding solutions. And such work is both challenging and developing, at professional as well as personal levels.

Although there are, of course, rules a Bunker Holding, the business is based on a strong foundation where employees excel – taking pride in and focusing on their work. I greatly appreciate the extensive exposure the company has given me, which has broadened my skills and definitely helped me learn a new side of myself.

Working in Bunker Holding

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