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Integrity and fairness in every step.

At Bunker Holding we are committed to high standards of corporate governance and conduct our business in a responsible manner complying with the legislation governing the areas in which we operate. We want to be a socially and environmentally responsible company focusing greatly on staff development, health and safety, and the external environment. As part of our corporate governance commitments, we have taken steps to ensure sufficient focus and action. These steps include the adoption of a code of conduct and the implementation of a compliance program.


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Conducting our business in an ethical manner.

Bunker Holding’s Code of Conduct sets forth the guidelines for the company’s approach to managing and developing the group in a responsible manner. It describes the CSR requirements as well as the standards applying to personal conduct and business practice in Bunker Holding A/S and our subsidiaries, the Bunker Holding Group.

As is stated in our Code of Conduct, Bunker Holding Group aims to conduct our business in an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible manner and will comply with the rules and legislation governing our areas of operation. Bunker Holding is a people’s business.

Any success we enjoy is the result of the hard work, commitment and persistence of our employees. We strive to create the very best work environment and conditions for our staff because we recognise that to perform and deliver exceptionally well, our staff must feel secure, inspired and appreciated.


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Our activities are subject to a number of anti-corruption laws.

The global nature of our activities makes it imperative that the Bunker Holding Group comply with rules and legislation in the countries where we operate. Our activities are subject to a number of anti-corruption laws, and we have introduced a compliance program to ensure adequate procedures to prevent fraudulent behaviour among individuals within or associated with our group. Continuous training of our employees in our compliance program ensures that sound business practice and principles of fairness are deeply embedded throughout our entire organisation.



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Dedicated to conduct business with honesty and integrity

Bunker Holding’s Whistleblowing Policy details the procedures for reporting any suspected misconduct, corruption, or inappropriate behavior, including potential violations of our Code of Conduct.

The policy aims to encourage employees and other stakeholders who have genuine concerns relating to any aspects of the Group’s activity to come forward and express those concerns without the fear of being victimized or discriminated against.

Reports of potential violations of our Code of Conduct should be sent through this Whistleblowing submission form.  

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