We celebrate diversity, and we actively seek a workforce that embraces a multitude of cultures.

Bunker Holding is a global company, and the wide diversity of our business partners, suppliers and customers reflect that. They notice and appreciate that their bunkering partner is an equally multi-ethnic and inclusive workplace. Our employees are unique individuals with often very different backgrounds and about 50 different nationalities.
is the number of different nationalities currently employed at Bunker Holding
global managers hail from no less than 22 different countries
tolerance to any form of discrimination in our organisation
Career and management opportunities at Bunker Holding are solely based on your skills and your passion. Just have a look at Bunker Holding’s management level. Our 78 global managers hail from no less than 22 different countries.
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We safeguard our open-minded, unprejudiced culture.

It is our clear policy that all employees, irrespective of nationality, gender, religion, colour or sexual orientation, shall share the exact same and equal career and management opportunities.

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We encourage women to seek a career with us.

Today, one in three employees is a woman. One in seven managers is female. In a business that is typically male dominated, these are unusually high numbers. But we want to do much better. With the next generation of our owners both female, glass ceilings will be shattered everywhere in Bunker Holding. For example, it is an official objective to have women comprise at least one third of our Board of Directions by 2020.

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