We are committed to doing it right and leading our industry.

At Bunker Holding, we are firmly committed to the Environmental, Social and Governance agenda (ESG) and we are taking our responsibility as one of the world’s leading bunker suppliers one step further by promoting a more sustainable, inclusive, and compliant bunker industry.
To read more about our ESG objectives, targets, and ambitions, please download a copy of our ESG Report.


No 1
We commit to facilitating and accelerating the decarbonization of the shipping industry.

The maritime sector is the most efficient way of moving goods around the world. Still, the sector is a significant contributor to climate change. There is widespread support for decarbonizing the sector, but neither the required solutions, infrastructure, or market is there yet for widespread adoption. However, we are making progress via our data and our all-encompassing expert knowledge. The maritime sector will run on traditional fuels for the foreseeable future – but without our strong commitments and leadership, the sector will never reach its decarbonization target.


No 2
We commit to creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

The maritime sector is truly global and has been instrumental in creating economic development, reducing global inequalities, and providing access to employment. Yet, it remains a heavily male-dominated sector. If the sector is to continue innovating and tackling the modern challenges of doing business, it needs to become more inclusive to attract the best talents and new perspectives.


No 3
We commit to taking on the complexity for our stakeholders.

The maritime sector is simultaneously global and immersed within local rules, requirements, and expectations. Every single day, a plethora of ship-owners, operators, sub-contractors, cargo owners, and intermediaries operate across multiple constantly evolving jurisdictions. The pace of change in the sector is increasing, which puts further pressure on players to be able to operate in an increasingly complex market.

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