Taking the right steps towards industry leadership.

In the 1980s, Bunker Holding was one of the pioneers in bunker trading. We were instrumental in transforming the way the shipping industry buys bunkers, and have since grown into one of the world’s leaders in our business. Today, we are the still owned by our founding family, something no other leader in our industry can boast. Bunker Holding will remain in private ownership.

"A strong performance requires a clear direction. With Bunker Holding in better shape than ever before, we have clearly made all the right strategic and commercial choices."

Keld R. Demant
Group CEO, Bunker Holding

"Handing over the reins in a family business takes time and planning. When the day comes, we are prepared"

I am Bunker Holding’s founder and owner. In the early 1980s, I was one of a small group of pioneers who recognised the need for independent bunker trading companies. I was instrumental in transforming the way the shipping industry buys bunkers, and have made Bunker Holding into a global leader in its industry. I am determined that the company remains family-owned, and I am preparing the next generation to take the helm. Both my daughters, Nina Østergaard Borris and Mia Østergaard Nielsen, already play an active role in the company. They work hand-in-hand with our experienced management team, and are committed to the same vision and values I have always imbued this company with.
Torben Østergaard-Nielsen
Chairman & Owner, Bunker Holding
Bunker Holding
Peter Frederiksen – Board Member, Torben Janholt – Board Member, Klaus Nyborg – Vice Chairman, Mia Østergaard Nielsen – Board Member, Peter Korsholm – Board Member, Torben Østergaard-Nielsen – Chairman and owner, Michael Keldsen – Board Member, and Morten H. Buchgreitz – Board Member
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