We strive to realize the true potential in not only Bunker Holding, but in every employee. We hire bright and motivated people, and then we develop their talent.

We know that our success as a company depends on your success as an employee. Therefore, Bunker Holding provides the in-depth tools and insights to advance your career, and you will have access to the programmes that are relevant for you. Overall, staff from our offices all over the world attend more than 10,000 hours of internal training every year. They do so locally, internationally or at our global headquarters in Denmark. Do you have what it takes to go all the way? Then we will help you get there.

hours of internal training every year
months of onboarding for our new talents
comprehensive development programmes help you reach your full potential
Talent Development Programmes: if you have the ambition and the skills to go all the way, Bunker Holding is the place to do it.
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Bunker Holding’s ambitious, global talent programme aims at building the group’s future leaders, specialists and top traders.

The Accelerator Programme (TAP) draws in talents from all areas of the organisation, and prepares them to take on new, exciting opportunities and responsibilities. The focus of the programme is on the individual talent. Each module is carefully tailored to equip them to handle the opportunities and challenges our industry might face in the future.

This is a demanding and rewarding two-year journey where talents will find both their mental and physical capabilities stretched to the limit. During the programme, they will meet with the company’s owner and top management - and build a global network of future leaders.

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All new bunker traders receive a thorough introduction to the art of bunkering.

Over six months, senior traders guide and advise them in how to meet a customer’s need and add value to their business. The Trader Introduction Programme (TIP) ensures that you are dressed for success from your very start at Bunker Holding.

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Bunker Holding’s internationally recognised business academy offers world-class courses in bunker trading and business management.

The Academy is based at our global headquarters in Denmark, and it helps employees reach their full potential by developing both their soft and hard skills. Many courses are tailor-made for specific groups of employees, ensuring a highly relevant and specialist curriculum.

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