We trade bunkers and lubricants. We offer physical supplies. And we help shipping companies manage their price risk on fuel expenses.

Bunker Holding fuels the global fleet. Some 40 years ago, our founder and owner was one of a small group of pioneers who recognised the need for independent bunker trading companies. We were instrumental in transforming the way the shipping industry buys bunkers. Still family-owned, Bunker Holding has grown into a leading global company.
Bunkers used to be coal. Today they are oil. Tomorrow new kinds of advanced fuels will arrive. In this ever-changing world, one constant is Bunker Holding’s commitment to serve the shipping industry. They trust our experience and expertise, our innovative services, and our products.
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Bunker trading

We are one of the world’s leading bunker traders. Bunker Holding fuels the shipping industry in every bunkering hub, every time zone, and on every continent. 62 offices in 32 countries ensure that our global reach is matched by local expertise, each offering the inside scoop in their part of the world on everything from suppliers to ports.

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Risk management

We help the shipping industry manage risk. Bunker Holding identifies threats to clients’ margins from volatile fuel prices, and minimise their exposure. This dedication to price-risk mitigation is an essential part of how we conduct business. Our expertise is internationally recognised and also attracts many external clients, including major airlines.

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Physical operations

We have established a foothold in the market for physical supplies. Bunker Holding’s focus on niche areas, with supplies sourced from the world’s main bunkering ports, has given the company a strong competitive edge and attracted new customers. Physical operations are a natural development for Bunker Holding, and reflect our desire to become ever more customer-centric. In the coming years, we will deliver physical supplies in even more ports.

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