Bunker Holding is a global leader in purchasing, selling and supplying marine fuel and lube oil. We also provide risk management and other vital services for the shipping industry.

Bunker Holding has served global shipping for more than 140 years. Established as a local Danish shipping company in 1876, we became one of the pioneers in bunker trading, and have grown into one of the world’s leaders in our business. Bunker Holding has a rich history, but remain forward-looking and focused on answering the needs and challenges of an ever-changing industry.
62 offices
Constitutes a daily base for 1500+ dedicated employees
32 countries
Represented in every continent
Bunker Holding is still owned by the founding family. This allows us to be resourceful, versatile and always open for new business opportunities. With our global reach, local expertise, and financial strength, we can constantly focus on our owners’ vision of improving man’s ability to sail the oceans.
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Of all the world’s largest bunkering companies, only Bunker Holding is still owned by its founding family. We intend to remain so. Our aim is simply to be known as a company that is easy to do business with.

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Local expertise – global bunkering

Bunker Holding serves over 60 nationalities, is present on all continents, and available in every time zone. We are represented both in all the major bunkering hubs and in the small, niche ports.

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Rock-solid financial strength

Our financial position is solid and robust. Bunker Holding enjoys a high financial standing, and is respected for our unwavering focus on risk management. Our financial strength allows us to remain committed to sustainable and profitable growth.

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Ready to embrace change

We know when it’s time to do things differently. We are always prepared to embrace change and take advantage of our unique position in the supply chain.

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