"What strikes me the most, is the number of people from different cultures and backgrounds I’ve had the pleasure to work with..."
Mikkel Lenskjold
Group Strategy & New Business

I joined the Bunker Holding in 2015 while a student at Copenhagen Business School.

Though still a student, I was soon onboarded on interesting projects and shown considerable confidence as I was, for instance, put in charge of the preparation of the weekly executive management report. Well in advance of my graduation we had a good dialogue about my future possibilities and about where in the company I would like to grow. This gave me the necessary peace to focus on the completion of my master’s thesis.

What strikes me the most, when looking back at one year as a full-time employee in Group Strategy & New Business, is the number of people from different cultures and functional backgrounds I’ve had the pleasure to work with and learn from. I did feel a little apprehensive about how the “company veterans” would welcome a “rookie” fresh out of university, but I was met by a company culture in which everyone talks to one another across all organizational levels, keen on sharing knowledge. I believe this to be a strong trait of the company, as well as a key aspect to consider for graduates, on the lookout for a good place to grow.

I have experienced Bunker Holding as a company enabling young employees’ swift involvement in and contribution to challenging projects in collaboration with professionals across many different cultures and organizational areas. I find this truly inspiring and rewarding.

Working in Bunker Holding

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